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Prayer is an important part of the spiritual journey
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Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Our Intercessory Prayer Ministry compiles the prayers into a list to be prayed over in the Wednesday Morning Chapel Service. This service is held each week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. in Goodwin Chapel. Our Prayer Warriors who are not able to attend the Wednesday service receive the list via e-mail or postal service and pray, along with the others, all week for our church and for the people whose prayer concerns were turned in.

We invite you to join us and/or to submit your prayer requests:

  • drop a prayer request card into the offering plate Sunday mornings
  • drop a prayer request card by the church office
  • submit a prayer request online

Please protect your privacy and that of others. Share only information you and/or they are comfortable with others knowing. Remember, God knows all the details surrounding your request.

If you need to report a church member or attendee who is in the hospital or needs a visit please call the church office at (727) 381-2499 and ask for Barbara Posey in addition to putting in a prayer request .